This naturist camping situated in the Gers was created on the lands of an old farm, abandonned for years. Those of you who know well the nature, will easily imagine what happens to an agricultural abandoned ground:

In 1997 when we bought it, the most maintained lands were no longer maintained since about 15 years and the rest for more than 25 years (¼ of century!). It was thus necessary to clean, to clear, to spot, to draw up plans : a work of pioneer and adventurer in an inextricable tangle of nature in the pure state, blackberry bushes of several hundred square meters and of about 3 meters high, sometimes climbing until ten meters and more to the assault of the tops of intermixed shrubs.

But at the same time what joy to discover and to highlight, to imagine and… to dream. Because it is necessary to be a dreamer, and perhaps a little crazy, to progress sometimes on only about ten square meters during an entire day of labour, sweat, scratches, stings and bites of insects disturbed in their natural habitat, and to continue the next day, and every day, until the desired result is reached.

After 14 years of hard works and having personnaly invested a great deal of time and almost all our leisure activities, at the end of a considerable number of all kinds of pitfalls, this life project has been done.

By coming in this naturist vacation center of the Gers en Gascogne, in Midi-Pyrénées, close to Les Landes in the region Aquitaine, you will know a part of the pleasure which was ours to discover this really very beautiful natural place. You will see it being transformed gradually while preserving what makes its beauty, because protecting the nature is embedded in values of naturism.

The hardest, the most complicated has been done. We made ourselves, with our children, most of the works, from conception to realisation, including the most complex and the heaviest. We will continue in the same way, so the rest will follow a logical progression which will depend only on the craze which you will put, naturist friends, to visit us.

We are developing gradually le Domaine de Sarraute, keeping in mind the essential requierement : calm, tranquillity, friendliness and family atmosphere.

So we hope that many of you will come to Le Domaine de Sarraute to spend your holidays in the Gers, in this beautiful region of Midi-Pyrénées.