Living naked, when circumstances are appropriate, has little to do with the nudity occasionally practised on the beach and only there, begging the pardon of those who think the other way.

But, and it is the key, naturism means to adopt an attitude and a behavior marked by the respect for others, for oneself, and for nature of which we are nothing more than a little part, in all our differences and our complementarities.

Naturism has a great educational power on the children who can learn at an early age the differences between people, between sexes and respect for these differences.

We do not intend to write here long pages on naturism because others already made it and very well. Then, for those who want to discover naturism and who have questions, the easiest thing is to follow this link : or this one

… and sustainable development

Sustainable development is now very important and we are naturally happy because it has been a long time since naturism is combined with respect of environment.

What does Le Domaine de Sarraute do for it ?

– First af all, since january 1, 2016, we chose a renewable electricity supplier : ENERCOOP.

This important choice has a cost but we think the future will prove us right.

– Then, we use recycled materials to build paths whenever possible

– And at last, a couple of very easy things.

1 – Domestic hot water

Since the creation of the campsite we chose a time controlled plumbing fittings the temperature of which is upstream controlled by a central mixer. This,of course to prevent the constant flow of the water, but also to limit the consumption of gas which is an energy of fossil origin.

Only the faucets of cold water are classic ones.

2 – Lighting of the sanitary building

The sanitary building is lit only till 11:30 am. It allows here again to save the energy but not only. We think that beyond this hour, doing the dishes is incompatible with the tranquillity of all and it is a choice which we assume completely.

Moreover, switching off the lights allows to see living and working some forms of the nocturnal wildlife, for example bats and their jerky ballet, the much heavier flight of the owls,… not making useless noise also allows to hear and to be attentive to the night life sounds.

We are lucky enough to live in an unpolluted area, so by avoiding the light pollution, you can take pleasure during hours looking at the crystal clear beauty of the sky, counting meteorites, discovering stars, learning their name, sharing these wonderful moments with your children, with other vacationers, and being aware once more, that we are only tiny parts in the universe, that to enjoy this grandiose show and that future generations also injoy it, every thin must be done to protect our atmosphere.

3 – Swimming pool 

The swimming pool is equipped with a solar shower which is at your disposal. Use it as necessary to preserve the quality of the water of swimming pool, but without needless waste.

4 – Waste sorting

Bins and composters are at your disposal to sort the waste. In case of doubt do not hesitate to ask us.

5 – Discovery of the property, flora and fauna

The estate is a vast natural aerea where flora and fauna are varied. Walk freely, try to recognize the species of trees, shrubs, plants. We planted on our part a large number of trees which have not yet the size of the native ones, but some of which already have a respectable size.

Be aware, by avoiding useless noises, you will maybe have the opportunity to see specimens of the local fauna. Deers, boars, foxes are very shy and not easy to observe.

The species of birds are rather numerous.

A heading «trees and birds » will be online as soon as possible.

6 – Some tips

Take advantage of your holidays in Gers to discover a department extremely rich in remarkable places, in historical monuments (castles, churches, Roman and Gallo-Roman vestiges) and other interesting places to visit. Hilly and contrasted landscapes are a pleasure for the eyes, endlessly renewed, which leave you wanting for more.

Take advantage of your stay for walking, running, biking, all excellent ways of discovery!

If using you car is necessary, also take the time, have a smooth and eco-responsible driving, so you can admire absolutely beautiful landscapes and view points, and take full advantage of it!