The domain

The estate extends over approximately 26 ha of grasslands and woods.

It is located in side of a small valley and it lowers in alternation of flat zones and gentel slopes towards a small stream,le ruisseau de la Saule.

Please note that in some places, the slope is more pronounced and the vacationers withreduced mobility can be hampered by this characteristic.
We recommend them to come to see us with people who are able to help them.

You will discover a wide variety of trees and shrubs. Most of them are local species but others were installed by us in the area reserved for camping and caravanning.

A wild bamboo wood extends on approximately 5 000 m² around a spring.

Because of its shape and of the wealth of its vegetation, you will not see the limits in any place you can be. That produces a wonderful feeling of total immersion in the environment and the awareness to be no more than only an element of this generous nature.

For example when you will be in the south-facing swimming pool, you will enjoy, at the same time, of the heat of the sun and of the magnificent and soothing vision of big trees around you : oaks, lime trees, walnuts, elms, sweet chestnut trees…

Only about ten hectares are currently arranged for camping and activities campers. The rest is in its natural state.